The future is in our hands. Davos 2021

The future is in our hands. Davos 2021

The future is in our hands. Davos 2021

The future is in our hands. Davos 2021

At the Davos Forum 2021, Vladimir Putin said that building an economy based on the golden billion is unstable and destructive.

The main task now for the whole world is to get out of poverty. The key challenge is socio-economic problems.

The second challenge for the whole world is socio — political. The real problem with the economy and the fall of the labour market.

The game of sanctions can lead to military conflicts.

Digital technology companies have begun to compete with the state.

The global economy, politics, social life, and technology are undergoing a transformation, and the pandemic has accelerated the changes.

The situation can be compared with the 30s of the 20th century in terms of the scale and nature of potential challenges and threats.

The crisis of old models and tools of economic development, social stratification.

The aggressive rhetoric of some countries is increasing.

The danger of solving problems by finding internal and external enemies, destroying basic freedoms

The right to choose and privacy may be at risk

The gap between the real and virtual economies is growing, and this is fraught with serious unpredictable shocks.

Vladimir Putin noted that the world faces challenges:

The recovery of the global and national economies has been rapid, sustained, and structurally sound.

Reduce social inequality within individual countries and bring the level of different regions of the world closer together, which will prevent migration crises.

People should have housing and affordable infrastructure (transport, energy, utilities), access to income, education, and medicine.

Maintain a positive outlook on the future, strive for a creative agenda, develop common approaches, and bring positions as close as possible.

Bill Gates and K forecasts

Bill Gates and K voice their wishlist dealing with the prediction of the whole society, predicted a pandemic ten times worse than the current one.

The human lover noted that in the next pandemic, society will be better prepared. Universal global vaccination, wearing masks and social distance is an effective tool according to philanthropist Bill Gates.

I note that Gates himself never vaccinated himself and his children. But in public, he said that he had been vaccinated against COVID-19

Also, Bill Gates a few years ago announced the reduction of the population using vaccination.

Good analysis on the situation with the pandemic by Sergey Kurginyan

Society is much wiser, will carry out its correction and social hygiene in relation to modern Malthusians. How the correction is carried out you can watch a film based on the novel The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, Ivan Efremov The Andromeda Nebula, Russian folk tales There, on unknown paths.

The future is in our hands

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